Can Western Philosophy Save Us from the AI Apocalypse?

Are Robots Taking Over the World? What are the ethical dilemmas of AI and machine learning? The 20th century saw some epic upheavals in the course of history…flight, world war (twice!), nuclear energy, and decolonisation, just to name a few. Each time an epic change occurred, the writers, artists, and thinkers of the world drew …

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The 5 Best Books on Christianity

Two men were deserted on an island, 1,000 miles from civilization. One was frantically pacing back and forth while the other was sun-bathing, mindful of the sound of waves crashing onto shore. The nervous man, in between paces, stopped and asked, “Why are you so calm? Don’t you know we’re going to die out here?!” …

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The 5 Best Books on Buddhism to Enlighten Your Life

statue of Buddha

The road to enlightenment requires patience and persistence. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in ignorance, fear and greed. The inability to forgive those who wrong us creates an attachment to these worldly feelings. Sometimes to the point of obsession. I believe that humans, by nature, crave powerful reminders that speak to the soul. They tell …

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10 Best Romanticism Books That Shook the World

Roses are red, violets are blue…I’m not sure what Romanticism books are…how about you? Romanticism, contrary to what you might think, is not all about love poetry. Rather, it refers to a movement in literature, music, and art that occured in 18th and 19th centuries. The Top 10 Romanticism Books for Every Taste Let’s take …

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