AI Generated Pictures Of Philosophers

This page contains images of famous philosophers, thinkers, situations, places, etc., as interpreted by MidJourney AI and Dreamstudio AI. If you haven’t heard of these, they are artificial intelligence models that will generate pictures, art, or just about any sort of image you can imagine via word prompts.

Watching how the algorithm generates the images has been quite fascinating. Way more fun than I ever imagined!

Pictures of philosophers and thinkers – as interpreted by AI

Here are some pictures of my favorite philosophers of the past. Some long ago. Some long, long ago. You’ll notice that the eyes on many of the renderings look strange…creepy even. I’m working on that for future pictures.

Here are some of the prompts I’ve been using:

portrait of Blaise Pascal, realistic, life like, natural looking eyes, fine details, DSLR, 8k –ar 3:2

portrait of Plato, pencil sketch –ar 3:2

@ MidJourney AI

portrait of young Bertrand Russell, DSLR

portrait of young karl marx, DSLR

@ DreamStudio.AI

Again, none of these are real pictures. They are simply representations of what the algorithms interpret. Enjoy!

Tap the picture to see the full-size version.

Random images

And some various images of books, landscapes, etc. Same as above, these are completely generated by AI with a few simple text-to-image prompts. For example:

Jesus Christ preaching to a crowd, photorealistic –ar 3:2

the Bible, open book, Impressionism –ar 3:2

@ MidJourney AI
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