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Welcome to ISM Book

We’re the philosophical equivalent of a Vonnegut novel. A little strange here, but that’s just the way we like it. So come on in, the water’s fine.

Why Philosophy, You Ask?

Well, philosophy isn’t just for stuffy academics in ivory towers—it’s the bread and butter of life. It sharpens your mind, opens your heart, and gives you a pair of spectacles to see the world anew. Here at ISM Book, we believe philosophy is the secret sauce to a life well-lived, a mind well-fed, and a world well-understood.

Take a Stroll Through Our Garden of Thoughts

Dive headfirst into our blog posts that are as thought-provoking as a shooting star on a quiet night. Or dip your toes into our book reviews that shine a light on the nooks and crannies of philosophical thought. From the winding roads of existentialism to the intricate dance of ethics. Each piece is a breadcrumb on the trail to wisdom, a spark to ignite your intellectual fire.

Philosophy Is: a representation of the famous statue "The Thinker"

Read Between Thoughts: Philosophy Book Reviews

Welcome to our cozy library of book reviews, where we untangle the spaghetti of philosophy through the magic of literature. It’s a place to pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, and start unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

What is ISM in philosophy?

What is an ISM in Philosophy? A Detailed Exploration

Hello there! You’ve landed here because you’re wrestling with the question, “What is an “ISM” in Philosophy?” Well, let’s tackle that head-on. Think of an “ism” as a special pair of glasses that philosophers put on to interpret the world. …

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man looking out over a huge city - existentialism

Existentialism Books – Top 5 To Read ASAP

Hello, fellow earthlings! Ever found yourself staring into the great cosmic void, wondering why we’re here, what it all means, and why your coffee always seems to go cold too quickly? Well, you’ve landed in the right corner of the …

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the best books on buddhism

Best Books On Buddhism For Beginners

When it comes to books on Buddhism, there are plenty to choose from. But which ones should you read? Which will be the most interesting and informative? Writing this blog post reminds me of being 12 years old (yes that …

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Jesus Christ preaching to a crowd - best books for Christians

The 5 Best Books For Christians

When it comes to finding the best books for Christians, it can be tough to know where to start. There are so many great options out there, and it can be hard to know which ones will be most helpful …

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pencil sketch of books - best philosophy books for beginners

11 Best Philosophy Books For Beginners

Philosophy is one of those subjects that can seem really daunting for beginners. There are so many philosophers and so many philosophies! Where do you start? In this blog post, we will recommend our picks for the 11 best philosophy …

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an old painting depicting Romanticism in the Romantic Era

10 Best Romanticism Books That Shook the World

Roses are red, violets are blue…I’m not sure what Romanticism books are…how about you? Romanticism, contrary to what you might think, is not all about love poetry. Rather, it refers to a movement in literature, music, and art that occured …

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Thought Threads: Weaving Through Philosophy

Welcome, dear explorers, to our treasure trove of philosophical tidbits. This is your compass guiding you through the vast landscape of ‘isms’, your flashlight illuminating the dark corners of thought. Here, we delve into everything from the enigma of time to the ethical dilemmas of AI, from the ancient wisdom of Stoicism to the modern questions of existentialism in education.

We explore the big questions of life, the mysteries of the universe, and even the faces of famous philosophers, as reimagined by AI. It’s a journey through the galaxies of ideas, a voyage across the universe of thought. So, pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, and let’s embark on this intellectual adventure together.

stoicism philosophy: beginners guide for living with virtue

Stoicism Philosophy: A Beginner’s Guide to Living With Virtue

Welcome, readers of the self-help world. Today we crack open the centuries-old philosophy of Stoicism like a fortune cookie for the modern age. Stoicism gets a bad rap as being purely logical and emotionless. That couldn’t be further from the …

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What is ISM in philosophy?

What is an ISM in Philosophy? A Detailed Exploration

Hello there! You’ve landed here because you’re wrestling with the question, “What is an “ISM” in Philosophy?” Well, let’s tackle that head-on. Think of an “ism” as a special pair of glasses that philosophers put on to interpret the world. …

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pencil sketch of Machiavelli - best philosophy books for beginners

ISM Words – Definitions Of Words Ending In ISM

Do you know many words ending in ism? If not, don’t worry – you’re about to learn some pretty interesting philosophy words. Each of these words describes a specific philosophical concept or idea. And they all have a suffix of …

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Philosophy Is: a group of happy college friends talking about philosophy in the park

Philosophy Is: A Guide to Understanding Life’s Big Questions

So, you’re here to explore what “Philosophy is”. Good for you. It’s a bit like deciding to embark on a journey into the unknown, a journey that’s as vast and varied as the universe itself. But don’t worry, philosophy isn’t …

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statue on a hill - stoicism

Stoicism Philosophy: Ancient Meets Modern

It’s a sunny afternoon. You’re sitting in a park, enjoying a sandwich, and watching the world go by. But there’s a nagging worry in the back of your mind, a storm cloud on your sunny day. What if there was …

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How long is a moment?

How Long is a Moment? – Unraveling Time’s Enigma

Ever found yourself contemplating, “How long is a moment?” This query may seem simple, but it’s as elusive as a firefly in a moonlit field. Our journey to understand the length of a moment takes us through time, space, philosophy, …

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atheism: fact vs fiction

Atheism: Top 20 Questions And Answers

Atheism. It’s a loaded word, isn’t it? For some people, it conjures up images of angry protesters waving signs and shouting slogans. For others, it represents a personal decision to live life without religion. And for still others, it’s simply …

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portrait of young bertrand russell

AI Generated Pictures Of Philosophers

This page contains images of famous philosophers, thinkers, situations, places, etc., as interpreted by MidJourney AI and Dreamstudio AI. If you haven’t heard of these, they are artificial intelligence models that will generate pictures, art, or just about any sort …

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The philosophy of a smiling middle aged man

Why YOU Should Have a Personal Philosophy

What is your personal philosophy? This is a question that not many people think about, but it’s an important one to ask. Having one can be a powerful tool to help you live a fuller, more rewarding life. Armed with …

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existentialism in education

Existentialism in Education: Themes, Philosophers, Pros and Cons

Existentialism is a philosophical movement that emphasizes individual freedom and choice, and the inherent meaninglessness of life. It has been a popular topic in academic circles for many years but has only recently begun to make its way into mainstream …

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pragmatism in education - classroom setting pictureclassroom setting picture

Pragmatism In Education: What You Need To Know

Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It shapes who we are and how we view the world. In order to get the most out of education, it is important to understand the principles of pragmatism. …

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Can Western Philosophy Save Us from the AI Apocalypse?

Are Robots Taking Over the World? What are the ethical dilemmas of AI and machine learning? The 20th century saw some epic upheavals in the course of history…flight, world war (twice!), nuclear energy, and decolonisation, just to name a few. …

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